Who are we?

DIBUPRINT 3D is born from the joint effort of two pioneering companies in their respective fields of activity. The synergies developed between International Technologies 3D Printers and Wildbit Studios have been able to realize this innovative project. An exclusive solution that is capturing the attention of the international specialists of the sector.
logo wildbit studios
Wildbit Studios treasures an experience of more than 30 years in the video game industry. Emblem creators such as ‘Paper Zombie’ or ‘Drawpets’, awarded the best Android game in the ‘App Date Awards 2012’ and selected in Gamescon’s Top 10 Games that same year. Currently a part of the ‘PlayStation Talents Games Camp’ and a creation of it, ‘DrawFighters’ is one of the international revelations in games for PlayStation 4. The experience and professionalism of Wildbit Studios leave their stamp on this new software. Wildbit owns a line of business related to third-party development services, Wildbit Digital, where all of its technologies, whether web, mobility or back end, converge.

International Technologies 3D Printers has positioned itself as a benchmark in the world of 3D printing. Official importer for Spain and Portugal of the prestigious products CoLiDo, has revolutionized the sector with its innovative ideas and working methodology. Its RINCON 3D project has managed to develop the most specialized and professional distribution channel for 3D printing. With its commitment to the 3D AULA, it has positioned itself as the undisputed leader of the application of this technology in the classrooms. In this way, its position within the sector has gone from being completely unknown only a year and a half ago, to become a reference and example to be imitated by other firms in the market.

From the collaboration of these two companies comes the DIBUPRINT 3D project. A unique, different software that brings 3D printing to all users, regardless of their age and level of previous knowledge. An intuitive software that allows us, without having to know how to model in 3D, to move from a paper drawing to a 3D model with a single ‘click’.