Frequent questions

Here you can see the answers to the questions that users of dibuprint 3D are likely to ask, if after reading them you can continue without filling out the contact form and we will answer you with pleasure.


To activate the software, follow these steps:

  • Access the following link:
  • In the first screen you will have to enter your identification data in order to proceed with the registration of your license.
  • Once you have filled in the requested information and accessed the following screen, you can download the software by indicating the activation code indicated in the email.

You can now enjoy the infinite possibilities that DIBUPRINT 3D puts at your fingertips.

With the BASIC license, you can access an On Line support through this link

With the remaining licenses, a direct support service and personalized assistance are available, from Monday to Friday at the scheduled time. Unlimited hours. You can access through this link

  1. Uninstall the previous version of Dibuprint3D. If you have saved your own models or images in the example directories, it is advisable to save them in another folder outside of Dibuprint3D
  2. Run Setup.exe to install the new version of Dibuprint3D
  3. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  4. Once installed, run the program
  5. Enter your username and password to link the device to the portal

In the support portal, you will find the answer to your technical questions. You can access through this link

Enter the support section and you will see the technical requirements.

The Dibuprint 3D license is unique. This means that you can only have one license installed in a terminal. However, through the user control panel you can unsubscribe the computer support in which you have installed it to proceed to install it in a different one. For example, when you change your laptop.

To use a Dibuprint3D license on another computer, follow the steps below:
  • Access the support portal:
  • Login with your email and password
  • Access the “DEVICES” section of the menu
  • In this list you will see the association between the device identifier and the license (the identifier can be seen in the application installed on the device you do not want to use anymore, accessing the option: “About”> “Dibuprint”
  • Delete the device where you no longer want to have Dibuprint3D
  • You can now install Dibuprint3D on any new device. To activate, simply enter the email with which you registered
All this information and many other details of interest can be found in the manual, accessible from the support portal, in the menu “SUPPORT”> “Use Manuals”

The annual renewal isn’t mandatory for the ‘Basic version’. Dibuprint 3D can continue to be used without restriction, but you will not be able to access new updates and improvements of Software if the update is not paid.

Annual renewal is mandatory for ‘Gold versions’. You can’t continue using Dibuprint 3D if the renewal doesn’t take effect

still have questions?

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