Dibuprint 3D: the ultimate 3D design tool

That 3D printing has arrived and that he has done it to stay, no one doubts it. However, its diffusion and the massive use of it, has found a fundamental stumbling block. The use of 3D design through complicated programs, causes that its use has not reached the general public.

It is true that there are numerous repositories on the internet with millions of files ready for printing (Thingiverse, Myminifactory, Grabcad, Shapeways, …). We also have numerous free 3D design programs that you can download very easily. However, in the first case we limited ourselves to take advantage of what others have created and in the second case, they still represent a barrier of prior knowledge that many new users do not have.

This barrier has also emerged in one of the most active sectors in the implementation of this technology. We refer to the education sector. A sector that has seen the incredible pedagogical possibilities of this technology. We are facing the possibility that 3D printers make all our ideas come true. We can visualize those abstract concepts or difficult to capture on paper, thanks to the potential of 3D printing.

DIBUPRINT 3D: a new concept of 3D modeling

However, this implementation of 3D printers in the classroom has been limited to the most advanced courses of ESO and baccalaureate. For a very clear reason. Students, at these ages, begin to model in 3D thanks to the use of some of these free programs such as Sketchup or ThinkerCad.

But what about the little ones? What happens to those who, precisely, would be the ones who would benefit the most from the use of 3D printing in education? Well, they simply stayed away, except for sporadic uses but without a real interaction between the student and the teacher.

Dibuprint 3D is created precisely for this. Dibuprint 3D appears as the definitive solution to bring 3D printing to all those people who do not have previous knowledge of 3D design. It was born with the aim of increasing the creative experience associated with 3D printers.

With Dibuprint 3D there is the possibility of transferring our idea of ​​paper directly to the reality printed in 3D with a single click. We can give life to our images stored on the computer. We can unleash our creativity and, in a direct way, transfer it to the 3D printer.

Thanks to this 3D design software the barriers are broken. The experience of 3D printers is democratized. All users can access 3D printing without limits. Thanks to the internal skeleton generated by the software, our creative experience will know no barriers.

In short, with Dibuprint 3D we managed to break the barriers of 3D design that hindered the use of 3D printing.